The Pittsburgh Chinese Academy (PCA) is a private school providing superior instruction in Mandarin Chinese language and customs using Pin-Yin (phonetic writing system) and simplified characters for children in grades K-12.  The PCA school program is rigorous in its pursuit of excellence and dedicated to producing students who are fully bilingual in both verbal and written skill by grade 8.  The PCA also strives to encourage students to cherish Chinese culture and heritage, foster and enhance friendship among Chinese-American community, and contribute to the mutual understanding and appreciation of Chinese and other cultures.


PCA teaches calligraphy classes at USC Library, July 2017, as part of a Community Outreach program.

Pin Yin

PCA held a four week course in Mandarin Chinese pronunciation through Pin Yin.  A phonetic system that uses an alphabet rather than characters.  The class was offered for adults and children in the community, May/June 2017.

Recent and Upcoming events:

Classes Begin

September 10, 2017

Registrations being accepted

PCA participated in South Park Community Day September 16, 2017

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