"Pittsburgh Chinese Academy" is a nondenominational, independent school. It provides an educational setting for the people of the Peters Twp and surrounding areas to learn the modern Chinese language using Pin-Yin (phonetic writing system) and simplified characters.

"Pittsburgh Chinese Academy" strives to encourage students to cherish Chinese culture and heritage, foster and enhance friendship among Chinese-American community, and contribute to the mutual understanding and appreciation of Chinese and other cultures.


Pittsburgh Chinese Academy (PCA) is registered with the state of PA.  It was incorporated into a nonprofit under a Board of Directors.


School will operate during a normal school year at up to 8 levels.

The mission of all classes is not only to teach students the Chinese language but also to merge Chinese culture with classroom instructions, special art, and cultural events.

To accomplish the above mission, we rely on experienced teachers, the cooperation and involvement of parents and students, and community support. Pittsburgh Chinese Academy (PCA) admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin.


Paralleled with the criteria of the Chinese programs offered in colleges, the standard pronunciation and simplified characters of the Chinese language are used in instruction of all levels. We use the "Chinese Made Easy For Kids" and "Chinese Made Easy " series as the textbooks for our language classes. more info about our textbooks can be found at http://www.chinesemadeeasy.com/.

Classes are offered on Sundays with Culture class from 2:00 - 3:00pm and Language class from 3:00 - 4:30.


The school welcomes --and expects-- parent involvement. The school is run mostly by volunteers and we welcome parents to volunteer their time and services as well. Parents are an important part of the children's education. Parents may volunteer their services, participate in class activities, and attend parent meetings and social events. PCA will also sponsor and offer various activities and services for parents and grandparents.